Artist Statement: Clash by Anthony Mayfield

Deciding the person you want to become is only black and white. There is no grey area or rainbow of emotions in between; there is only black and white, dark and light, bad and good. My intention is to illustrate how two completely different mindsets battle for control, with the more exciting storm on one side, and the peaceful environment on the other. The strong dark shadows on the majority of my face reveal how the darker and less desirable side is easier to succumb to than the light. This is also evident through the stormy side being more dominant than the calm side, revealing the asymmetrical balance within my mind. To further symbolize this battle for mental balance, I purposely made less stars on the right side than lightning on the left. The brightest star is seen to be shining its aura around me; however it eventually clashes with the lightning aura on the other side. This battle for control leaves a deep imprint within me, as seen on the melancholic expression on my face which stands out through the strong emphasis via the arrangement of the dark and light shadows. If the eyes are followed, then it can be seen that I am looking at a mysterious sphere. This sphere represents the unknown; I am unaware as to where my future will lead me based on the current clash of calm versus storm.